erva mate / hibiscus / sweetwood

This 100% natural ice tea infusion is based on Brazilian Erva Mate -also know as the green tea from Brazil- and Hibiscus. Both ingredients are commonly known to be rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.


It comes in 2 different flavours, Lemon (sparkling) and Strawberry!


These refreshing drinks are:

  • low in calories
  • without added sugars
  • without preservatives
  • without colorants

erva mate / cinnamon / aniseed / apple

Of both intense and enjoyable perfume, and even with a fruity, slightly sweet flavor, the infusion has a gentle stimulating effect.


This blend holds a strong digestive capacity due to the presence of malic acid of the dried apple, fortified through its combination with anise. The cinnamon on the other hand, exerts great thermogenic potential that assists in the well-functioning of our metabolism.


Perfect to enjoy prior or after meals.


Portion - 4 gr to 6 gr / Time of infusion - 6 to 8 min

erva mate / hibiscus / sweetwood

This harmonious blend awakens the purest palates. It’s an excellent and energetic option to kick-start the day with. The infusion is suave and can be served both warm and cold. Adding to the numerous health benefits of our Erva-Mate, Hibiscus is a true source of vitamin C and other substances that contribute to the prevention of the accumulation of fats. It provides benefits to our body’s defense system, and holds both an excellent diuretic and detoxifying function.


Next so sweetening our blend in a natural way, the root of alcaçuz, presents various health-promoting properties, works anti-inflammatory and has a positive impact on lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels.


Ideal to accompany breakfast or throughout the day, whenever that little extra energy would be welcomed.


Portion - 4 gr to 6 gr / Time of infusion - 3 to 5 min

erva mate / casca de jabuticaba / cardamom

The champion of all blends, for a tasty, balanced lifestyle. Coming with unique flavor, this blend presents the dried shell of the Jabuticaba berry. This noble, Brazilian fruitbrings forward potent antioxidants, supporting the control of free radicals and of the aging process.


Excellent source of vitamin B and C, the blend is a true health elixir. It has a positive impact on blood circulation, balances the intestinal flora, controls cholesterol and even promotes the right care for both skin, hair and nails. Combined with Cardamomo, an incredible synergy is formed, potentiating all antioxidant effects. The blend helps both our defenses and the process of detoxification of the impurities of our body.


Served warm or cold, anytime of the day, any time of the year.

erva mate / peppermint / camomile

The unmistakable aroma and flavor, makes of this blend a true classic!


The balance between its components is perfect for decreasing anxiety and fatigue. The infusion assists in the control of both physical and mental stress.


The calming and relaxing effect of Chamomile makes this blend ideal for consumption later on the day or just to accompany a relaxing moment. The presence of mint contributes to an optimal digestion and adds both a nice aroma and a touch of freshness to the drink.


Portion - 4 gr to 6 gr / Time of infusion - 4 to 6 min