Suívie offers a range of tasty products promoting a healthy, balanced lifestyle


With the ever growing awareness around personal health, Suívie aligns a moment of tastefulness with a healthy life that we can determine ourselves.

All our products come with specific health benefits be it vitamins, antioxidants and are 100% natural, low in calories and without added sugars, taste enhancers or preservatives.

Swiss - Brazilian

Suívie is a Swiss-Brazilian venture that stands for a healthy, balanced lifestyle, combining the best of two worlds: the vibrancy and “joie de vivre” from Brazil with the quality and purity from Switzerland.


All Suívie products are based on the Brazilian green tea Erva Mate, grown in the forests of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

Direct Trade

All other ingredients, such as hibiscus, cardamom or the noble fruit of Jabuticaba, originate from sustainable cultivation in small farms.


Being one team, our value chain is transparent. Our whole team is involved, from the cultivation of our blends’ natural ingredients to the creation of our final products. A Swiss-Brazilian team that comes to life through a shared culture, passion for nature and a healthy lifestyle.


With love and respect for people, the Suívie team is actively investing in both primary care and educational platforms in the northeast of Brazil.


A collection of tasteful moments with Suívie packed in pictures and videos.

Our Products

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